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The Garden of Prayer
T. Kinkade

People are looking for God since the principle. There is a special space within every woman and man that was planned by the "Great Architect" to be the God's dwelling. Therefore man is so fixed for religions. There are thousands of religions in this world, the great ones are: Christian, Moslen, Budhism, Hinduism, Thaoism, Atheism, Jewism etc. Not necessarily in this order.

All of them assure that explain the truth. But may not be so.
Religions are made by persons, men and women. How much efforts, money and advertising they use to spread them, more it will be their reaching and growth. But not one of them is perfect. Besides that, there are many teaching streams within each one. For example: christians are catholics and protestants; Muslins are xiits and sunits. All off them may have from two to a vaste range of understandings.

I will not be far from the truth, if I say people are killing each other since the beginning in the name of some religion. Therefore they are not perfects. They should bring us peace, but paradoxally, they can not avoid the war.

I was teaching within a protestant christian view. I know its mistakes, what it preached and what it is done. I am also aware that it is not different among other religions, because everyone of them are guided by men and women, persons able to mistake.

Now, at the
age of 50, I have my idiosyncrasy about religions. That shall not be so different from the other conscious and sincere persons. For this reason I will leave some teachings I learnt, below.

1 . There is a God.
A Supreme and Highest being that planned, created and care over all things. Some religions believe that there are dozen, hundreds, thousands of gods. Christians, Muslins and Jews believe that there is only one God. His name is "Jehova" for jewish and christians and "Allah" for muslins. If we think that heaven shall be a place full of peace, I might understand that it will only be possible to only one God.

2 . There is only one life
Muslins, christians and jews believe that we have only one life to live. Then, comes the death of the body. I have seen that, almost all other religions teach that you can die and born so many times. Particularly I believe this is a dangerous thought. I believe that is safer to me, to consider the possibility of only one life to live, because if I die, thinking that I could be born again, and there, I be known that I had just one life, this kind of mistake would be mortal.

3 . God is Love
I believe and I have felt that a true God creat us to a wonderful purposes: to worship Him and to love one another through the special gifts and abilities He gave to everyone of us. We are artists, musicians, scientists, singers, etc. Everyone of the 6,5 billion inhabitants of this Earth were created to express the God's Love by using those gifts and natural abilities. Then, why Earth is not a peace and lovely place? Answer: we are able to bring peace, but we will also can be a product of our choices.

4 . The existence of the sin
According to Christian Holy Bible, the first couple was created pure. They could do everything, except one. Times ahead, someone else- the devil - deceived them. He said so: Well, God prohibited you to do not make that, because the day you do it, you will also be God. That couple followed the advise of the devil and broke that only one exception. Through that disobedience, the sin came to stay in the life of every human being. I am going to compare sin, like a software virus. Every copy done will carry the same trouble.

5 . Bible says
in the book of Romans, chapter 3:23 "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." And: Romans 5;12: "Therefore, just as through one man sin entered the world, and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men, because all sinned"

6 . A Savior was sent
Jesus Christ is the son of God. Like a computer that cannot delete a virus for itself without a specific software, mankind can not reconcile with God without a savior. In some simple words,This savior, Jesus Christ, was sent by the Creator to take away the sin of every man and woman. You can be free from sin, since you believe and invite Him to dwell in your heart. It is going to depend of your choice.

Now I am
going back to the first paragraf. Not one religion ( even christian) can save noone from his sin, because it is necessary to be perfect, pure, to restore someone. That is why exists the "term" Godspel - that means the good news of God, throught Jesus Christ, when He came to birth in Earth as man. This Jesus Christ was presented to mankind as "The son of God", Really, He was the same "Jehova God" in a human body.

The solution
for all troubles of the world comes from this person: Jesus Christ. Not from any religion. He paid a blood price to ramson, to rescue everyone of us. Here, is the great secret: every person that believes in his inner, that Jesus Christ is the son of the Eternal and Living ( Jehova ) God, who send Him to Earth to ramson mankind from its sins - it will be saved!

Saved from what?
Saved from the power of the sin. Saved to have a inner peace. Saved to smile. Saved to love everyone. Saved to help one another. Saved to be in peace with God. Saved to forgive every kind of wonds, abuses, ofenses.

Why do you have such sure?
Because I was a unhappy person. Then, when I was 18, someone spoke to me about the great love of Jesus Christ. I believeed in Him. I was a epileptic guy. I had no joy. When I really decided to accept Christ, I was healed and the Spirit of Joy came to my heart. Now, I am almost 51; during these 32 years of faith I faced many and big troubles. But for each one I learnt how to face them through the cares of my Lord and Savior: Jesus Christ.

If you felt
a smell of hope on reading this text, be sure, your hope is just beginning. Jesus Christ saves, heals, brings you peace and can take away all your sadness.
Write to me. I can help you to know Jesus Christ better anywhere you be. I know there is still a opened door waiting for you.

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